Our Practice

Our philosophy is a motivated world of creative, pain-free, and results-driven dentistry and who we are is a reflection of how we treat our patients. Our Staff is friendly and courteous and the dentists highly educated. We keep fully up to date with modern advances in dental procedures.

All work is undertaken with local aesthetics, function, and comfort in mind in a calm and relaxing environment. We are sensitive to varying cultural needs and endeavor to satisfy our patients. We take great pride in the quality of our dentistry and make visits a pleasant experience.

We provide our patients with the very highest standards of modern dental care and hygiene and pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and advances in equipment and materials such as fully integrated chairs, low noise - low vibration instruments, low emission digital x-rays and intra oral camera, as well as a low dose specialised digital x-ray of the whole mouth in the scan.

We specialise in computerised and same-day dentistry. Most complex procedures can be carried out in one or two visits.

Our Practice

Our Process...

Our first appointment includes examination, basic clean, simple x-rays as required, and cosmetic consultation. We will give a simple scale so surfaces are free of calculus and plaque. This gives you a head start at keeping optimal hygiene and aids diagnosis. If you need further hygiene treatment we will advise you to make one more additional appointment. We then discuss our findings with you and design a treatment plan including a summary of cost & treatment schedule, tailored to your specific interest according to your budgets.

So we assess where you are now, explain what needs to be done and discuss the best way to do it. We provide you with all pre and post-treatment information and involve you in all treatment decisions. Whether you need pain relief, a crown re-cemented, temporary filling placed, teeth whitened or a radical improvement in your smile with cosmetic dentistry, once the options are carefully discussed, the treatment can often be started on the same visit or the next visit at your convenience!

Private Dentistry

The clinical time will be appropriate to complete an item of treatment to a high standard. This is important in nearly all procedures but especially in root treatments, gum care, and implants, crowns, bridges, where the more time that is spent the more guaranteed will be the success of the treatment. The use of quality materials and techniques.

A long, relaxed, and appropriate time during consultations to discuss your treatment needs, and the options available in your particular case. Sometimes it may not be possible to discuss all your treatment needs in the initial visit, in which case we will re-arrange a further visit in order that we can discuss your needs in detail. Access to our normal out of hours emergency service.