Welcome To Royal Dental Care

State-of-the-art high-quality dentistry... Our high-quality treatments include veneers, crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, dental implants, and prosthetics. We also offer emergency dental services. To complement our dental practice, we offer a range of facial rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. 0% interest Finance Available

Most of these come with an initial consultation giving you a one-stop-shop for dental work.

A Little Bit About Us...

*Royal Dental Care is a well-established independent dental practice since 2005 with 30 years of an experienced principal dentist and well qualified dental team such as an Oral Surgeon, Hygienist, and facial/dental Cosmetic Practitioner.
Our mission is to maintain our reputation for excellence by still providing the best in dental care and cosmetics in a modern, accessible, friendly environment.

Our team is committed to quality assurance and believes in the professionalism and continually strives to improve our service right from the beginning. Our simple and successful motto is treating everyone the way we like to be treated.

"No more gaps between your teeth and no more ill-fitted dentures."
Our implant system restores your smile with lifelong confidence. We are currently offering £1100.00 for each implant, excluding the cost of post and crown or any restoration on the implants.
If you need two or more implants we would work out a discounted total price that suits you. All other restorations on top of the implants will be the same normal price as stated in our price section. We will show you a short video and photographs to make it easier to understand how the implant procedure will be carried out prior to your decision-making. We provide a service to suit your individual needs.

We are now providing orthodontic treatment called FASTBRACES which can be finished in about 120 days, designed for both adults and children.
We, also, offer clear aligners for mild aligning.
We have three dentists and together with all the nurses speak a number of languages including English, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, and Persian.